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‘NOBLE’ SHAPER is featured by its high efficiency, flawless work, smooth and precision finished throughout. All the bearing surfaces of frame, Ram, slide etc. are hand scrapped to ensure accurate alignments.
FRAME: (Main Body) Its casting is done by mixing scrap and also properly ribbed for rigidly. The prism Ram slides are sufficiently wide. Correct design and paper weight description eliminates vibrations.
RAM & THE ROCKING ARM: The ram slides are of prismatic section giving ample bearing area to provide minimum of 80% bearing surface at all cutting positions. The sliding block fitted in the rocking arm is made of gun mental to provide lasting service. Tool head is mounted on a swivel in order to facilitate setting up to 90” on either side. Tapered gibs ensure its permanent accuracy.
MAIN SLIDE: Is located on the body by rectangular slides and houses the cross-feed lead –screw which is power and hand operated and also the hand operated table raising gears.
The lead screw and the telescopic gear shaft are both provided with call thrust bearing to ensure light and easy movements. The vertical movement of the main slide is through double jack screw type which is also provided with a thrust bearing. The avoids any digging underneath the bed.
CROSS FEED MECHANISM: Automatic cross feed is provided both for forward and backward table traverse, controlled by a fully covered ratchet lever.
The drive from the bull gear shaft to the traverse screw is affected by men’s of telescopic rod.
WORK TABLE: is accurately machined having T slots on the top and side surfaces. The table can be swiveled at any angle around and accurately graduated circular disc. It is supported on the stand to help bear extreme thrusts.
DRIVE: The machine is supplied with motor drive, as well as belt drive attachments simultaneously at no extra cost.
CONTROL: The control lever enables the operator to stop all mechanical Motion of the Machine without switching off the electrical current or the disengagement of the belt.
AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION: The machine is fitted with automatic lubrication pump for properly lubricating all its main parts.
STANDARD ACCESSORIES: One heavy duty vice with operating handle.

SHAPER MACHINES Model 60-N (26”) Model 75-N (32”)
Maximum Length of Stroke 26” 32”
Minimum Length of Stroke 0” 0”
No. of Speeds 4 4
Length of Ram 48” 58”
Width of Ram 11 ½ 11 ½
Length and Width of Table Top Surface 24”x14” 30”x15”
Horizontal Travel of Table 38” 40”
Vertical (Hand) Travel OF Table 15” 16”
Length of Body for Ram 33” 41”
Jack Double Double
Tool Hand Feed 9” 9”
Length, Width & Depth of Vice Jaws 13”x10”x2 ½” 13”x10”x2 ½”
Size of Base Plate 66”x25”x7” 74”x25”x7”
H. P. Required 3 5
R.P.M. of Motor 1440 1440
No. of Stroke per Minute 20, 40, 60, 90 18, 28, 42, 65
Size of Motor Pulley Required 3” 3”
Total Weight Approximately 17 Qnl. 19 Qnl.