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Wire Mesh Welding Machine


Longitudinal wires pass through Collete mounted on a horizontal beam. All the bottom electrodes are connected to transformers through bus bars. Spring loaded top electrode assemblies are mounted on a vertically moving horizontal beam. Indexing of longitudinal wires and vertical movement of welding heads is synchronized and controlled through cranking mechanism.

Cross wires, straightened and cut to required length, are stacked in a hopper and drop one after another on the longitudinal wires over the bottom electrode assembly automatically through an actuator.


  • Maintenance free
  • Optimum functionality
  • Excellent quality

Other details:

  • Multiple spot welds at one instance
  • Wire mesh is produced at highest quality
  • Pitch specified can be easily adjusted
  • Made of strong rigid frame
  • Increases production capacity
  • Consistent welding at every pitch
  • Accurate cross wire pitching
  • Suitable for skilled/unskilled operator