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Rebar Decoiling Machine

Model GT4-12 GTQ5-12
Rebar Strolghtening Diameter 4-10mm 5-12mm
Slrsighiening speed 35-40 m/min 45-60 m/min
Stralghtening wheels 6 pcs 8 pcs
Cutting space 900mm 900mm
Error of Cuttlng Length +- 0.5cm +- 0.5cm
Power 7.5KW 11.5KW
Weight(Kg) 550Kg 900Kg

Rebar Ring Making Machine GF20

Rebar Bending Diameter upto 20mm
Frequency of shock Cutting 20-30 times/min
Motor Power 2.2KW with 2 Paddles
Motor Speed (RPM) 1440 r/min
Weight 90Kg

Rebar Threading Machine

Procession of Bar Diameter 16mm to 40mm
Motor Power 4KW/412V/50Hz
Speed 40-62r/min
Main Shaft Speed 80mm
Thread Pitch 2-3mm
Net Weight 430Kg

Rebar Scrap Straightening Machine

Straightening Diameter 4-10mm 6-12mm
Speed of working 28r/min 20r/min
Cutting Space 500mm 500mm
Motor Power 4KW + 2.2KW 5.5KW + 2.2 KW
Weight 320Kg 720Kg

Concrete Mixer

SM 230L  
Drum Capacity 8.1CF/230 Ltr.
Drum Diameter 28'
Voltage /Hz 220V 50Hz
Motor Power 450W
Motor Speed 2800
Weight 63 to 68kg

Concrete Mixer

SM 180L  
Drum Capacity 6.5CF/180 Ltr.
Drum Diameter 26'
Voltage /Hz 220V 50Hz
Motor Power 900W
Motor Speed 2800
Weight 60 to 65kg

Power Trowel / Floters

Model DMD900
Diameter 900mm.
Speed 66-132(R.P.M)
QTY of Blade 4PCS
Power 3 H.P / 415V /50HZ
Blade Size 345 x 150 mm
N.W/G.W 98kg/116kg
Available In 3 HP Petrol Engine / Electric Engine

Handy Vibrators SV 35

Power 750W
No-load Speed RPM5500.
Voltage / Frequency / Current 220V 50Hz,2.2A
Vibrating Head Dia. 35mm
Outside Dia.of Flexible Hose 30mm
Inner Dia.of Flexible Hose 16mm
Dia.of Flexible Shaft 10mm
Vibrating hose Lenghth (m)1.5m 2m
Vibrating Frequency (HZ)220


Type SR 600
Engine (Diesel/Power) Greaves 5520 (5 HP)/Deisel
Vibration Frequency 70HZ
Compation of Soil 25CM
Compacted Asphalt 20CM
Exciting Force 16KG
Water Tank Volume 16KG
Drum Size(Dia * W) 425*600mm
Max Travelling Speed 0-3KM/H
Weight 330Kg Approx


Type SR 600XA
Engine (Diesel/Power) Greaves 1510
Compation of Soil 25CM
Compacted Asphalt 20CM
Exciting Force 16KG
Grade Ability 30
Front Wheel Width 600mm
Rear Wheel Width 600mm
Walking Speed 0-4km/h
Star Mode Electric Start
Machine Size 1160*730*1550mm
Weight 550Kg Approx


Model No SR-1.3
Exciting Force 30KN
Working Weight 1300kg
Front / Rear Wheel Width 750mm / 800mm
Walking Speed 0-4km/h
Machine Size 1900*900*2240mm
Grade Ability 30
Wheel Diameter 508
Engine Greaves 1510 / Diesel
Fuel Consumptions 1 ltr/hr


Type SR 700
Speed 0-4 Km/h
Climbing Capacity in Theory 30
Compation of soil / Asphalt 25/20 CM
Vibration Frequency 70HZ
Exciting Force 25KG
Water tank Volume 80 L
Engine Diesel/Power Greaves 1510 / Diesel
Weight 700KG
Front/ Rear Wheel 700mm/800mm

Mini Excavator

Model No. SDT-10
Crawler Tighten From Tighten Oil Cylinder
Hydraulic Pump Korean Brand
Maximum Unloading Height 1750mm
Maximum Digging Ratio 2300mm
Maximum Vertical Digging Depth 1200mm
Walking Motor Imported Brand
Multichannel Valve Imported Brand
Weight 800KG

Paver Roller

Type HTP Three Axis Type
Overall Dimesions 4200x1500x980mm
Vibratory Frequency 48-60Hz
Vibration Force 4.5-5.5 KN
Paving Thickness 300
Spread Thickness 250-300mm
Vibrators Needle 8 nos
Walking Speed 5.7 M/min
Max.Motor Power 21.2 KW
Lenghth of the Roller 4000 mm
Weight 800 kg


Production Capacity Single Wire 5-13 mm
Duble Wire 5-10 mm
Max.Bending Angle +- 180 Double Direction
Max.Bending Speed 100 m/min
Mandrel Diameters 13-30mm
Length Tolerance +- 1mm
Bending Tolerance +- 10*
Average Air-Compressed Consumption 6 l/mm
Average Electric Power Consumption 5 kW/h
Labeled Electric Power A) Traction Motor - 13kw
28kW B) Bending Motor - 7kw
  C) Cutting Motor - 4kw
  D) Air Compressor - 4kw
Voltage 415 V- 50 Hz


Single Wire Bendling 5-13 mm
Double Wire Bendling 5-10 mm
Max.Bendling Angle +- 180
Max. Length of Stirrup Side 1000 mm
min. Length of Stirrup Side 90 mm
Max. Bending Side 1050 /sec
Max. Traction Side 75-100 m/min
Bending Direction Bi-direction
Labeled Electric Power 45 kw Traction Motor-24 km
  Bending Motor -7 kw
  Cutting Motor-4 Kw
  Return Motor-1.5 kw
  Preset Motor-0.75 kw
  Air Compressor-7.5 kw
Lenght Tolerance +- 1mm
Bending Tolerance +- 1
Average Electric Power Consumption 5-7 Kw/h
Voltage 380V-50Hz-3P


Model SRP-800 / ZLP800
Platform Size 2.5+2.5+1.5+1 Meter=7.5 meter
Material of Platform Steel Platform-Hot Galvanized
Balance Weight 1000 mm
Rated Load 800kg
Ascend Speed (Working Speed) 9-11m/min
Wire Rope 4x31 Sw-FC-9.1
Wire Rope Size 9 mm
Structure Weight Approx 800-900kg
Counter Weight 1000kg
Rated Lifting Force 8Kn